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The innovation and development of management support tools is synonymous with the maintenance of competitiveness of economic agents.
COLLECTSCONTACT is synonymous with innovation, completed developed using the best scientific and technological available in the market, continuously being improved in order to address the specific needs of each client or market, in anticipation of the changing environment.


• Automatic integration and return of data in any format (XLS, TXT, XML or others);
• Exchange of files through the use of Web Services, FTP or email;
• Possibility of interaction between databases;
• Adaptable to the computer systems of each Entity without the need for programming;
• Pre-recorded and/or dynamic scripts at the choice and to the extent required by the Client in any Language;
• Parameterised Call Windows;
• Scheduling of actions to be performed;
• Automatic information segmentation;
• On-line search and management service, 24h/day, with a high degree of security, without having to install software;
• Integrated system for contacts (voice message, voice call, SMS, email);
• Integrated reporting system (automatic and as required) on the basis of each segment / solution:
   • Calls Answered.
    • Calls Unanswered.
   • Attempted calls made;
   • Engaged telephone numbers
   • Invalid telephone numbers
   • Voice mail messages sent.
   • Contact with Telephone Operator.

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