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  WHAT IT IS    

COLLECTSCONTACT is an innovative System, created and developed by Logicomer, which consists in the complex marriage of the most varied, evolved and modern computer applications, supported by a set of technical items of equipment, enabling contact to take place simultaneously, on an scaled that is unlimited and multilingual, operating 24 hours a day and in any time zone, with or without human intervention, which addresses the need perform large volumes of calls.

Allowing for increased productivity, rationalization of human resources, with high levels of quality service, improved efficiency and effectiveness, as well as from the information resulting from the contacts performed in the various segments. All this in conjunction with a set of pre-defined and/or dynamic parameters, which are adjustable in real time, based on the feedback obtained from the receiver.
All the scripts and actions are defined by the client, immediately and without incurring any additional costs, thereby ensuring total service quality.

Thereby permitting contact through telephone calls, voice messages, SMS and email, within an integrated solution, supplementing the Call” Centres.

This software application makes use of pioneering technical knowledge, such as those of IVR – interactive voice response, TTS - text-to-speech e STT – speech-to-text, technologies.

IVR technology, permits communication to take place through a voice activated menu and the setting of details in real-time, thereby enabling the receiver to communicate his options by using the numeric keypad (digital or analogue), irrespective of the equipment of the user (mobile phone, telephone, smart phone, amongst others).

With TTS or STT technology, it is possible to artificially reproduce or interpret the human voice using computer systems, which automatically convert written text into voice in normal language and vice versa.

This system allows, whenever required, that a call becomes a personalised reception, by identifying the originating receiver beforehand, thereby permitting that the necessary information is validated, and ensuring a service that is faster, more professional, efficient and much simpler, more flexible, more dynamic, more efficient and effective, at an extremely competitive price.


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