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We find ourselves in the globalization era, where competitiveness between companies is becoming increasingly more ferocious, in addition to consumers who are more informed and become more demanding with each passing day.

This has resulted in information technologies being at the forefront of modern companies, producing the strong marketing impact of companies. Technology, today, is one of the most important and fastest means that companies have at their disposal to promote their primordial activity, or be it, to promote sales.

Today the main focus of a company are its clients, this has resulted in the increasingly important contribution that Marketing makes to their survival, continuity and sustained growth.

in order to address all these needs COLLECTSCONTACT has shown itself to be a key tool that can be used to achieve these goals and some of its benefits are:

• Merchandising and Promotional Activities with the increase in the use of the mobile phone on globally, this is an innovative service, which by sending messages (spoken and/or written) allows companies to contact their clients, effectively, in any place and at any time. Furthermore, apart from being a quick and efficient method of communication, it facilitates the personalization of options to suite everyone.

• Preparing of enquiries / opinion polls Permits one to quickly reach the target market, to conduct satisfaction surveys, or to obtain any other type of details available for analysis and treatment in real-time.

• Show Tickets/ Other Technology continues to provide more and more solutions, so why does it not offer the possibility of attending shows, concerts, football matches, and other similar events through the simple display of a computer supported code. In this way, after having paid, the client receives a validation code on his mobile phone, which he can simply show at the entrance, having saved the time he would have waited in queues and wasted expenses of printed tickets and points of sale.

• Other: Due to its capacity and the ease with which it can be adapted, which is practically limitless, our clients can create their own marketing initiatives, by using their imagination.

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