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This segment of the market, apart from its very close resemblance to the financial sector, is extremely competitive and highly regulated.
Service must be rendered in an ever increasingly demanding and professional manner, where it has become necessary to invest in the continuous training of Human Resources, where quality is valued much more than quantity.

With COLLECTSCONTACT, companies are able to reduce costs, by significantly increasing efficiency levels, reallocating funds to other areas, such as for example.

Whether their clients are individuals or corporate entities, we are able to provide Insurance Companies with a way in which it is possible to rapidly develop a high number of contacts. We present a diversified range of solutions aimed at all any type of client, through the adoption of strategies that are in line with the needs of each one.

Within the scope of insurance, we are able to provide any type of support service to the daily activities, amongst these, are collections of insurance premiums, Marketing campaigns, or conducting enquiries / opinion polls, regardless the product typology.

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