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Our clients can achieve an improvement in relevant results through the reduction in costs and increased efficiency, already in the first month, where this is merely an example of many, in respect of which we have provided a solution.

A large financial institution, with a global presence, was faced with the problem that it had a Call Centre structure that was extremely cumbersome and did not produce great results, when compared to the operational cost thereof.

The challenge was to implement a solution that would reduce operational costs and increase efficiency levels.

Following a careful analysis of the object of the study and having assessed all variables, we proposed a set of solutions aimed at addressing the needs of the Client.
The solution proposed required a strategic change in the way the Call Centre was used (internally and externally).
Consequently, the Client has migrated a number of the contact activities to COLLECTSCONTACT, thereby reallocating part of the resources previously used to other critical activities within the business.
Because of these actions, the Client has improved its levels of responsiveness, efficiency, effectiveness, and availability of better information, thereby increasing productivity, with the significant reduction in costs per contact.

By means of the measures implemented, we were able to address the needs of the Client, resulting in the improved operational performance of this activity.
Considering the results obtained and throughout the course of the strategic partnership implemented in Portugal, this Financial Group, has this point in time made use of this service in another two countries, both in terms of preventive and reactive collections and Telemarketing campaigns.

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